Friday, December 11, 2009

You're gonna do WHAT??

This year I'm going to Take Away a gift from each of my loved ones.

In this day and age, of excess and rampant spending (okay, so not nearly as bad in years past, but...) where commercialism has overtaken spirituality, and objects are used to express love, I've bought everyone what they want for Christmas.  And now I'm going to take one thing away from each of them.

With two solid weeks before we open gifts, I run the risk of spoiling the big moment with this post, but since I don't think my kids are following my blog anyway, here goes... From my oldest son, I am (figuratively) taking away Smoking.  From my youngest son, I'm taking away take away Texting While Driving.  From the two in between, I take away their Worrying About Things They Can't Control, like what other people think about them.

As a mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend I want only the best for my loved ones.  I am not a psychologist, and I'm certainly not perfect, but I still wish I could pass on a little loving advice without sounding judgmental or preachy.  I have no ulterior motives, nothing to gain personally, I just want the best for those I love.

And, so, my best gift  to my family this year might just be the one I take away.  Let's hope they see it that way!

Best wishes, Karolyn

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heart and Soul

"I am an all or nothing person."  So says Danny King, the protagonist of my novel, That Changes Everything, and so says I.  Has it really been a month since I've written a blog?

I've been writing!  A lot.  I finished the first draft of my novel, all 73,000 words, and for about two days I was so excited and happy with it.  Then, like the devil perched on my left shoulder, whispers of doubt invaded my head.  What about this scene?  What about that scene?  Is this character entirely believable?  Totally sincere?  So even before I print off copies or send out query letters, I'm back to writing, and writing, and writing.  And reading.

A wise young man I know, also a writer, has an ongoing debate, with himself or anyone whom he can engage:  Is it better for a writer to read other great writers, or is it better for the writer in question to just get out there and live life, then write their own story in their own voice?  Ooh, good question.

The answer has many arguments, but like nature vs. nurture, I absolutely think it should be a combination.  No great stance, or position there, I realize, but how could one argue differently?

Off to read and write, not necessarily in that order.

Best wishes, Karolyn