Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If you think I'm moody...

you should meet Lily.  Lily Frances, née Lily White.  Now she's moody.  Lily is the lead female character in my novel, That Changes Everything.  I can't in all honesty call her the female protagonist, as she's quite often the antagonist.

Lily's got issues.  As she sees it, "My parents named me Lily White.  I'm just paying them back."  As a highly successful artist, a painter, living in Brooklyn, Lily Frances has the freedom and the money to be her own person.  That freedom gets her into some big trouble.

Danny (aka Daniel King, the ex-hedge fund manager who moves to Brooklyn to rebuild his life) sees Lily one night at a restaurant, and it's love at first sight, for him.  When Danny accidentally gives Lily an invaluable piece of paper, he must find her and get it back ~ but she has seemingly disappeared.   That Changes Everything is the story of a man in search of love, happiness, and his true self.  And no, that's not too much to ask, not even in Brooklyn.

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